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there is a liam and he never goes out [userpic]

That's not a broken bottle, it's a weaponised receptacle

February 20th, 2008 (03:50 pm)
voigt-kampff: lethargic
noise-box: El Guincho - Prez Lagarto

Still no luck on the job front but I'm still waiting to hear back from some NHS ones so maybe I'll score an interview there. It would be kind of funny working in the hospital where I was born.

I've been watching Lost, the new season is going okay so far but I'm a bit concerned they're returning to the glacial pace of earlier mid-seasons. We've had three episodes now and barely a day's gone by in the show. Hmmm.

In other nerdTV news I watched the first couple of episodes of the new Terminator series and was surprised to find out it actually wasn't rubbish. Not great by any means, but not terrible. It's quite cool seeing Summer Glau doing her Waif Fu thing again.

Aside from that I've been enjoying The Wire and 30 Rock but not really downloading anything else at the moment. I'm a bit bored of media. I might start trying to channel visions from my spirit guide instead (by spirit guide I mean vodka).

So in the absence of a glut of geeky entertainment or anything like a social life, I've been looking for things on the internets to cheer me up. For example, this is solidly awesome. Also this.

Also I've discovered a simple way to judge my success as a human being, I just use the Compare People application on Facebook. This rigorously scientific system ranks me in various key areas, based on votes from my friends, to show whether I should just give it up and end it all right now, or struggle on for a few more years until dying anyway in the future TB epidemic.

So as you can see my scores aren't too bad but frustratingly I don't have first place in anything. I can only assume this is my friends' way of telling me they think I am a 'number two.'

Apparently people would like to date me, but ideally if the date consisted of having dinner on a desert island for a day while handcuffed to each other and cuddling. This suggests to me that my friends have some weird sexual kinks I am best off avoiding.

Also I am universally considered 'crazy.' I don't know if that means in a DUDE YR SO CRAZY!!! kind of way, or in a keep him away from children and animals kind of way. Maybe both?

Anyway enough fascinating self-absorption. Here is today's mp3, it's from the 2007 album Hymns For A Dark Horse by a band called Bowerbirds. I'd not heard of them before a couple of weeks ago, but it's a nice album and I really really like this track off it.

Bowerbirds - Dark Horse


Posted by: brindy (brindy)
Posted at: February 21st, 2008 10:18 am (UTC)

we've watched the first three episodes of the new season and we're pretty pissed off with it.

exciting stuff but no one is asking the obvious questions: what the fuck is going on?

and if they do, they are only asking the question to people that could not possibly answer.

we've decided to wait until season 4 is on dvd and watch it all in one hit instead.

Posted by: there is a liam and he never goes out (dogzilla_co_uk)
Posted at: February 21st, 2008 06:31 pm (UTC)

Yeah I don't mind the constant plot twists and cliffhangers and random oddness (like the giant stone foot), I can even put up with the way they'll often introduce some plot element and then leave it entirely unexplained (and sometimes not even mention it ever again). Those are all elements of the weird mystery genre they're going for. But it does bug me more and more as it goes on how none of the characters actually talk to each other about any of the crazy shit they've seen or done. You'd think what with being stuck on a fucking beach with no TV or radio and barely anything to read, people would be desperate to gossip and share information and stuff. But the only characters who actually ever seem to question things are Hurley and Locke, but Locke seems determined to be an inscrutable dick 99% of the time and everyone just ignores Hurley

Posted by: Parker (mrssshhh)
Posted at: February 21st, 2008 12:14 pm (UTC)

Did you watch this?


Posted by: there is a liam and he never goes out (dogzilla_co_uk)
Posted at: February 21st, 2008 06:20 pm (UTC)

Nah I never really see any stuff on TV these days, it's all downloads. Was it any good? I can't use that BBC player thing on my pc, it stops to buffer like every 30 seconds and drives me mental

Posted by: file_id_diz (file_id_diz)
Posted at: February 29th, 2008 12:20 am (UTC)

I hate it too, don't they have Flash in your country yet, what is this 1997?

Posted by: there is a liam and he never goes out (dogzilla_co_uk)
Posted at: February 29th, 2008 12:30 am (UTC)

I think it's some annoying copyright thing, I don't understand why it has to be such a pain in the arse though. At least their radio player isn't too terrible

Posted by: cheese & pickle sandwich (binkybinkygirl)
Posted at: February 21st, 2008 04:21 pm (UTC)

You can be pretty crazy when your 'spirit guide' leads you astray.

I've got rid of that compare people thing on facebook I got like 1st place on being most punctual LOL

Anyway, yea I too can feel my Lost excitement wane a bit as the plotline crawls along at snails pace.

That Bowerbird's album is cool, I love 'In our Talons' and 'Olive Hearts'.

Posted by: there is a liam and he never goes out (dogzilla_co_uk)
Posted at: February 21st, 2008 06:33 pm (UTC)

I'm hoping it'll pick up as it goes on, we are only three episodes in I guess. But seeing as this season's half the length of previous ones I'd hoped they were going to have a lot more stuff happening in each one. So far they just seem to be wandering back and forth in the jungle without actually doing or saying much, the episodes are relying on the new flash forward thing to be interesting and that's going to tire pretty quickly

Posted by: file_id_diz (file_id_diz)
Posted at: February 29th, 2008 12:18 am (UTC)

I enjoy that the categories are given comparatively, the implied second half of the thought being "THAN EVERYBODY I KNOW."

Also can you tell your four funny friends to start posting on SUF, thanks.

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