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I know you won't be thinking of me, now it's been years...

there is a liam and he never goes out
15 August 1977
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Love, compassion, mercy are words that have no meaning for Megatron. He has risen to the leadership of the Decepticons by a combination of brute strength, military cunning, ruthlessness, and terror. On Cybertron he was commanding general in charge of all military operations against the Autobots, who referred to him as "The Slag-Maker." It was a title of fear. A title of respect. A title Megatron relished. His banishment to Earth has only made him more bitter and more evil-minded, if that is possible. He aches to return to Cybertron and complete his mission of eradicating the Autobots. But while on Earth he is dedicated to eliminating those Autobots marooned here with him - and his plans go far beyond that. He realizes the Earth is one huge stockpile of metal and fuel resources and means to possess it all, with the aid of his fellow Decepticons. But his plans go even further, plans so grandiose even his fellow Decepticons are unaware: Megatron intends to enslave the entire human race.

achewood, akira kurosawa, alan moore, alan partridge, alias, amber, andrew bird, animal collective, atp, battlestar galactica, ben grimm, bill murray, brak, brian k vaughan, buffy, cat & girl, china mieville, chris morris, coen brothers, comics, converse, dancing, daniel clowes, delta green, destroyer, dogs, dorothy parker, everway, firefly, frog eyes, futurama, galactus, garth ennis, garth marenghi, gene wolfe, geoff senior, giant robots, godlike, grant morrison, greg stolze, grizzly bear, haruki murakami, hayao miyazaki, iain m banks, jeff vandermeer, jeffrey eugenides, jessica jones, joanna newsom, john carpenter, john maus, john tynes, kathleen hanna, kelly link, kenickie, kirsten bakis, larry david, lauren laverne, lightning bolt, lost, mark millar, marlboro, mary gentle, megan lindholm, michael chabon, michel gondry, neil gaiman, neutral milk hotel, nexus 5, nobilis, oneida, pasta, paul simon, paul thomas anderson, pavement, pixies, pkd, planetary, polar bears, pushing daisies, quorn, qwantz, r sean borgstrom, radiohead, rain, rob schrab, robert kirkman, roger zelazny, rorschach, rpgs, sam raimi, samus aran, scrobbling, seinfeld, sock monkey, sofia coppola, space ghost, spike jonze, stereolab, steven soderbergh, stroganoff, suf, sunset rubdown, talking heads, the lonely island, the magnetic fields, the organ, the smiths, the west wing, the wire, tim powers, timebelt, tom waits, tron, umberto eco, unknown armies, venger, vodka, white russians, wolf parade, woody allen, zelda