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there is a liam and he never goes out [userpic]

in haunted attics

April 4th, 2008 (02:23 am)
voigt-kampff: bored

Probably due to a surfeit of Coca Cola this evening I'm still awake but in that wired caffeine type way where you don't actually have any energy, just feel tired and listless. So in an attempt to kill some time I copied this survey off Dan to fill in. ENJOY


Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?

What kind of computer do have?
A cranky old PC given to me in the early part of the decade by a coalition of dear friends and family, that for some time now has been steadily falling apart. I'm still running Windows 2000 on it because (a) the newer ones all look a bit too festive for me, and (b) any processing power this thing has is taken up by just about managing to run Firefox, Winamp and Soulseek simultaneously

What have you learned today?
That the asymmetric key algorithm was invented in the 1970s at GCHQ by a man called, I shit you not, Clifford Cocks

Do you like to smile?
I think I laugh more than I smile

How tall are you?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What time do you usually wake up on the weekends?

Do you like peanut butter?
Very rarely I'll have some sudden pregnant-woman-style craving for a peanut butter sandwich. I've usually already lost interest by the time I'm halfway through eating it though. I don't understand the American obsession with peanut butter in sandwiches/confectionery

How much did you weigh when you were born?
I have no idea

Should country music die?
The question should be; would you shoot country music in Reno, just to watch it die

If you could live in any other country, which one would you pick?
Well that 'could' is kind of a loaded premise isn't it? Does that mean my travel there would be sorted but then I'd be living much the same as I am now? In which case I'd have to go for an English-speaking country as I am barely monolingual and way too wimpy to try to live some place full of crazy foreign words if I couldn't make up for it by being indecently rich. I guess New York maybe?

Where were you when you heard about the World Trade Towers?
I was in the underground stock room at the Waterstones I used to work at in Lancaster. Someone ran down and told me, they were convinced it was a distraction for some invasion force that was about to nuke us with moon rocks or something. It was a bit disconcerting

Are camera phones worth it?
Aren't all phones camera phones these days?

How many times have you moved?
Four times as a kid in Oxfordshire, then up to Preston, then twice while I was there, then over to Lancaster, then three times there, then back down south. So twelve times in total. Plus another move up to Manchester coming in the near future. Haha, I hadn't realised till now that it was number thirteen. That bodes well

What colour are your bedsheets?
I don't really have any that are 'mine', I just nab some from the airing cupboard whenever the last set goes in the wash. Currently they are grey, black and white

What would you look for first in choosing a roommate?
Someone who has higher cleanliness standards than me

Do you ever keep arguing even when you know you’re wrong?
If it's a jokey argument, then potentially, though I might try to sneakily change my position while still arguing

What are the top physical traits you look for in a male/female?
Not to be prudish or anything but I'm not really interested in getting involved with a male-female. I mean more power to them, I wish them all the best in the world, but it's not for me. I'd rather just stick with girls

Do long distance relationships work?
I'm sure they can do. Not that I've ever been in one, but I don't think they're somehow guaranteed to destroy a relationship. However they do add an extra stress factor that could be the straw that breaks the camel's back

Scuba-diving or Skydiving?
Deep water kind of weirds me out so I'd probably go for skydiving

Spell your name without an E,R,S,H,K,I,M,A,:

What are you listening to?
I'm not listening to anything. Past a certain hour I can't play music through my hifi for fear of waking other people in the house up, and plugging earphones into the back of the PC is a ballache

Is any part of your body sore?

Are you happy with your life now?
I don't think I've been happy with my life for... about ten years? But I wouldn't consider myself necessarily unhappy either

Are you missing anyone?
I am a rock, I am in iiiiiiisland

I settle quite easily into a status quo, my one at the moment involves minimal social contact outside the internet. Sometimes something I read or see or hear will remind me of a friend I haven't seen in some time and I'll have a pang, but generally I just sort of mooch through life thinking about the people I've seen in the last day or two. I guess I'm more of a goldfish than an island

When was the last time you felt unbearably guilty?
I consider it a character flaw of mine that I rarely feel guilty about anything for more than about ten seconds

When was the last time you held someone’s hand?
LOL I drunkenly held someone's hand a couple of weeks ago while trying to convince her of my sincerity about how awesome a party would be, but I think she just thought I was being creepy

Who can you tell everything to?
No one

What is the next concert you're going to?
There's quite a few gigs around at the moment I'd like to go to, but I haven't got the funds. So next music type thing will be ATP in May


I'm afraid that the shoddy half-arsed nature of this post means I'm not going to up an mp3, but if you like you can go my muxtape page and listen to some songs I put on there. ENJOYx2