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there is a liam and he never goes out [userpic]

devouring an after eight

February 5th, 2008 (02:55 am)

I don't know why I'm writing this now, I should be going to bed. In fact, I should be in bed. The more I let my bodyclock slide into the traditional twilight world of the doley/pothead/music journalist (please note I am the least offensive of those options) the more it's going to be a shuddering migraine-inducing gear change back to 9-to-5-land once I get a job again.

And no bones about it, despite my terrible pickiness and my amazingly flawed interview techniques, I really do need to sort out a new job soon. Being skint sucks. Especially when it means I can't afford to visit up north any more and try to (perhaps futilely) grab on to tatters of my old social life. Bah. Why can't I just win a million pounds on a scratchcard, or one of those that's-funny-I-don't-remember-having-entered lotteries they tell you about in emails. Is that so much to ask? So much for the universe being controlled by observers. I observe my need to be independently wealthy and yet the quantum field refuses to give up the goods. I can only assume it is all you other observers who are fucking things up for me. Selfish, selfish people.

At least I've got ATP to look forward to, that should be fun. Sunset Rubdown and Animal Collective! That is quite sex wee-ish. And various other randoms who could be entertaining. Including Saul Williams, who I remember seeing on wikipedia a while back is the brother of Michael Williams the actor - aka Omar Little on Oh-God-He's-Talking-About-The-Wire-Again. EXCEPT now all mention of them being related has disappeared off there so I guess they're not brothers at all, presumably someone just added that because he assumed that because they were both black and called Williams that they had to be in the same family. Good old wikipedia.

Meanwhile I've been trying to break into the comics world by sending Marvel my pitches for new superhuman characters, I've not heard anything back yet but fingers crossed. Here are some of my concepts, I've already got treatments worked out for potential movie adaptations and video games.

MR FANTA-STICK - Refreshing orange hero created by the Nazis
SPINERMAN - Bitten by an irradiated Brent Spiner, he has the proportional strength and agility of Brent Spiner
THE THIN - Bulimic rock monster
AIDS WOLVERINE - Terrifying Canadian who snarls and shouts a lot
HE-HULK - Male version of She-Hulk
CAPTAIN PUERTO RICO - Hangs out with the Avengers but they won't let him actually join
PROFESSOR xXx - Psychic slaphead Vin Diesel in a wheelchair (NOTE: wheels may be replaced with snowboards)
IRON BLACK MAN - Like Iron Man, but black! No wait, that's War Machine isn't it. Shit. Forget that one
PAEDOCTUS - Like Galactus, but a paedophile! As he is as old as the cosmos, this actually makes everyone fair game to his eternal creepy hunger

Oh god, what am I doing, I'm making comics-based puns. This is what I've been reduced to. It really is time to go to bed.

But before I go, here is an mp3. Yes, an actual mp3! It's from the new Destroyer album, Trouble In Dreams.

Destroyer - My Favorite Year


Posted by: Daniel Thomas (_dtb)
Posted at: February 5th, 2008 09:05 am (UTC)

Paedoctus made me LOL from ear to ear. I maybe have snotted at Mr. Fanta Stick

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